Amsterdam based Suriname/Dutch Christian Musical Entrepreneur, DJ/Producer Howard D started as a hip hop producer at a young age. 

In his early days he made music for dance and singing acts, after which he became a manager and organizer of events for these acts. As an organizer, he grew into event marketing to find out how to sell out events. 

He returned to music as a resident DJ in a Belgian nightclub. He then traveled the world as the global dance industry exploded, learning all about new production techniques, music production, promotion & releases along the way, launching a number of songs played by DJs like David Guetta, Tiësto, Chuckie and others in their sets. and radio shows. 

After this period Howard D shifted his focus from the dance back to the Urban scene, and with success. He launched several songs including “Marokko” and “Heya Heya”, songs with over three million streams on Spotify. 

Howard  had been baptized in May 2022 and from that point on decided to focus on putting out gospel based music. He currently also started to prepare upcoming gospel based releases. in the genres: Afrobeat, Hiphop, Dance. He started to produce this under the projectname: Global Impact, the project that aims to break through national borders, language barriers and music genres through a worldwide collaboration between top artists. But now added the brand “Reblessed” to it. Because that brandname discribes his current change of route better. The project still is based on global collaborations, but now all with the intention to spread the good news of Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

The first song of the initial secular Global Impact project is currently out: Position’21 this being the perfect example of the way Howard D wants to break through language barriers since he managed to bring the king of dancehall Vybz Kartel (Jamaica), The king of Serbian reggae Rasta (Serbia) and the incredibly diverse Velet (Turkey) on one track! Listen to it HERE!

The change of scope of the secular Global Impact project to the gospelspreading “Reblessed” project will appear soon in the upcoming releases D.V. so stay tuned!


God Bless!