Howard D WRITING & production camps:

Haven’t you heard? I am inviting you to come and have a writing/ production camp with me for 7 – 10 or 14 days!

During this camp you (and your co-writing crew) and I will lock ourselves up at in Holland.

Watch the video above or via my youtubechannel and enjoy the little tour I give you in the accomodation and the beats I demonstrate and all other explanation about these incredible production-camps and the great facilities that are available to us at during this period. 

Here’s the youtubelink: (feel free to like and subscribe to the channel!😎)

Choose one of the above “booking”-buttons ( Choose the button with the name that describes your current working condition best). Via these buttons you will be redirected to a form that you can fill in to request more information. You will be able to fill in relevant information that we need in order to check availability and in order to give you the proper feedback on your inquiry (about you, your artist(s) or your team and some other crucial details such as the timeframe in which you would like to book your camp etc. etc.)  Looking forward to meet you all!  #SoExcited! – H.D.